About us


We recognise that it is vital to the success of the service that the resources we deploy matches with preparation, planning and implementation of the services. Investment in the quality of service is enjoyed by our clients at every point of delivery. Our highly flexible structure enables us to address any urgent or any unforeseen client needs. We draw on our surrounding pool of staff and our head office personnel to meet surge requirements.


Amazing World Travel has the capability to service multiple facilities that are varying type and involve multiple stake holders and groups.
As an innovative service provider, we believe in ensuring we work in partnership with our clients to achieve high standards of service delivery and client management, in line with our client's desired outcomes. We have extensive experience working with individual clients, large corporations, and private organizations with a proven record of accomplishment of delivering a faultless service. We have systems in place to ensure that there will be no disruption to any part of the services and we ensure satisfaction always by measuring the quality of our service with consistence control and monitoring processes.

Our management systems are designed to ensure consistency and continuity in service delivery to reduce risk, ensure compliance with all legislative requirements and allow us to continue to improve our service and contract deliverables.

In delivering our service we will ensure that all staff is appropriately trained and experienced and that they are continuously supported and provided with an opportunity to enhance their skills. With a skilled and experienced management and administration team, supporting a dedicated Client Manager. We guarantee a perfect and superior traveling experience.


Our Team

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Glenn Fernando

Glenn is one of the experienced of Sri Lankan entrepreneurs live in Australia. His aim is to promote Sri Lanka values and culture to the foreigners for uplifting Sri Lankan tourism industry and Create an opportunity for the venture capitalist and entrepreneurs to gain benefit from other than the core transaction. Thus, AWT Create job opportunities for the local society by maintaining sustainability and good practise, being cost effective, and as a nature carer.

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Vasantha Gomes

Vasantha Gomes has 40 years of experience in Administration and Finance at government sector, privet sector and at different world bank projects at higher administration positions. His experience reinforce Amazing World Travel's sustainability and reliability.

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Dhammike Wijeratne

Dhammike is a graduated from University of Kalaniya as successfully completed his bachelor of Marketing. He has over 15 years of administration and marketing experience at reputed industry leaders in retail marketing. Human management is one of his strong capabilities.

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Ganganath Weerasinghe

Ganganath is a Bachelor of commerce degree holder from University of Peradeniya. He has over 17 years of industry extensive experience in inbound and out bound tours with industry leaders. He loves his career. Ganaganath is well capable of understanding different client needs and providing customised solution.

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Deshani Pattiyage

Deshani is MBA holder of Edith Cowan University and she is carrying outstanding capacity to exercise initiative, accept challenges and apply creativity to resolve problems and overcome obstacles with an efficient approach. She has 12 years of experience in administration and finance at multinational companies. Deshani loves multicultural environment. She is engaged with contractual obligation with internal customers and externals customers at Amazing World Travel.

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Buddhima Perera

Buddhima is passionate in travelling and understands the importance of delivery of service at each point of the process. He has qualified in the industry and has over five years of experience. His aim is to design and implement faultless service. He has travels and experiences personally before approving any Amazing World Travel offers. Buddhism is handling both inbound and outbound tours (Europe, Middle east, UK, Russia and Japan Markets).