Sri Lanka has one of the richest diversity and one of the highest rates of biological endemism which contain over 106 species of amphibians includes of flora and fauna. Blue whales and lively dolphins have the free home around the ocean in Sri Lanka.Minneriya, Wilpattu, Udawalawe and Yala mainly focused wildlife sanctuaries while Sinharaja rain forest claimed to have the highest amphibian species density.

Airport / Sigiriya – 1 Night

Sigiriya is a popular tourist destination that is also considered as one of the oldest tourist site in Sri Lanka, being visited by travellers for past 1000 years. The ancient rock fortress and palace of Sigiriya, currently standing in ruin, still has magnificent opulence that is surrounded by beautiful gardens, reservoirs and other structures and attracts large influx of tourists visiting Sri Lanka.

    Sigiriya / Kandy – 1 Night

    Kandy, located in the foothills of the central highlands, is a beautiful city, surrounded by hills and valleys, rivers, lakes and cascading waterfalls. Kandy is frequented by tourists for being a charming hill capital and centre of Sri Lanka’s rich culture. Kandy is a World Heritage City that is visited by travellers to explore the unique history and the beautiful culture of Sri Lanka. Kandy is popularly known as MahaNuwara (means “The Great City”) among most of Sri Lanka tourists. Kandy can be toured to admire its magnificent architecture displaying Indian and Sinhalese designs. It is a most sacred city for Buddhists with numerous temples and shrines, based on Buddhist architecture. Kandy was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988 and thus became a tourism hub.

      Kandy / Udawalawe – 2 Nights

      Udawalawe National Park lies on the boundary of Sabaragamuwa and Uva Provinces, in Sri Lanka. The national park was created to provide a sanctuary for wild animals displaced by the construction of the Udawalawe Reservoir on the Walawe River, as well as to protect the catchment of the reservoir. The reserve covers 30,821 hectares (119.00 sq mi) of land area and was established on 30 June 1972. Before the designation of the national park, the area was used for shifting cultivation (chenafarming). The farmers were gradually removed once the national park was declared. The park is 165 kilometres (103 mi) fromColombo. Udawalawe is an important habitat for water birds and Sri Lankan elephants. It is a popular tourist destination and the third most visited park in the country.

        Yala / Galle – 1 Night

        Galle - The seaside town of Galle or "Gaul", can be visited by tourists by travelling 116 km from Colombo alongside the South western coast of Sri Lanka. Tourists will find picturesque routes, following the coastline closely for much of the way. The port city of Galle is the best example of a fortified city built by Europeans in south and Southeast Asia. Travelers can enjoy the great architecture of structures as well as the breath taking view of the ocean and the nearby towns. The Fort is the slow-beating heart of Galle’s history. Other tourist destinations that deserve a special mention are the tall Lighthouse, the majestic and old Clock Tower.